College Management Software

College Management Software

A basic need of every college in today’s time whether it is small sized college or large sized, whether the college has 500 admissions or 5000 admissions. They need college management software in any condition because it is the demand of time, parents and students. The purpose of using college management software in any institute is not only to automate the system but its main reason is to eliminate the communication gap between each and every entity belongs to that institute in any shape as well as reduce the redundancy of work which saves a lot time, effort, money etc.

For instance, your ward has left home for college and in mid way he/she bunks the college and went some where with friends. How will you come to know about this? Here is how college management software helps you.  When the ward is absent in college, it is marked as absent by teacher. Then an auto SMS is generated and forwarded to his/her parents from the college that your ward is absent today.

Modules to included:

  1. User management module
  2. Student Admission module
  3. Student fees
  4. Mobile App (Individual)
  5. Teacher salary module
  6. Time table
  7. Student/Parent Login
  8. Trace Student/Teacher
  9. Result module (Minor and major)
  10. Teacher insertion module
  11. Attendance student
  12. Attendance teacher
  13. Alumni
  14. Assignments
  15. Student warning
  16. Student relieving
  17. Class and subject Transfer
  18. Transport
  19. Student detained
  20. Student Suspend
  21. Student Struck-off / Re-admit
  22. Expense
  23. Banks
  24. Accounts
  25. Stock (sale/purchase)
  26. CMS
  27. SMS/emails alerts
  28. FAQ
  29. Notice Board
  30. Birthday
  31. Translator
  32. Library
  33. Hostel
  34. Provident Fund (Loan, Fd’s, etc.)
  35. Certificates
  36. Event/Seminar/Workshop Record Management
  37. Update log
  38. Reporting
  39. Feedback Module
  40. Placement

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