JSR Social Awareness Society is an ambitious program launched by India’s leading software, Website, SEO, Training, Mobile Apps, etc. providing company JSR Technologies Pvt. Ltd. Ludhiana with the launch of the company in 2008 the concept of this society also grows.

Mr. Varun Gupta breeds this idea with its hard work and with mind and now its running successfully all over India. Under this society JSR organizes different competitions, seminars, workshops, etc. in various education institutions time to time to encourage and motivate students as well as to spread knowledge.

Distribution of educational material, stationary items, dresses in various educational institutions, spreading awareness regarding diseases in common people is one of societies primary goal. We organized medical camps on regular basis just to educate people regarding diseases prevailing in society like Cancer, AIDS, TB, Dengue, Malaria, etc.

Team of JSR Technologies Pvt. Ltd. includes Software developers, Website designers, App designers, programmers, testers, etc. are the main active members of this society. Employees of this company have adopted some need students and their school fees were paid by the employees. Besides employee of the company a lot of prestigious personalities have joined this NGO like principals of colleges, Lawyers, Businessmen, etc.

Society continuously encouraging students, professionals, service men and women, etc. to join the NGO. Anyone one wants to join NGO in Ludhiana, Punjab can call us at +91 80549-23300 or email us at: jsrsasngo@gmail.com

If you have some problem and you think that your NGO can help you then please call us at +91 80549-23300 or email us at: jsrsasngo@gmail.com